For Condo Developers!

For Gravy Train Waste!

For B.I.A. Extortion!

"James Sears is a PAIN in my neck!"

READ MORE: She's not looking forward to the prospect of seeing (James Sears) at the all-candidates debate.


McMahon's intentions?

McMahon's vision of the Beaches future. Forget the Fire Hall Tower, you can't even see the CN Tower! Ward 32’s current councilor does not disappoint, as her hilarious propaganda once again shows the level of malicious plans for our community, hidden under the shadow of “good” intentions...

Poo in the pond!

Around one billion liters (the size equivalent of 400 Olympic-sized swimming pools) of human sewage poured into our Lake. What is the exact reason for our inability to cope? The main reason is entirely in the hands of condo developers and the corrupt city councillors who bend backwards for them.

A toxic development.

We believed that our local councilor McMahon was merely inept, but we’ve since learned that she’s more than willing and capable of destroying our beloved neighborhood. We apologize for ‘going light’ on her. Our councilor showed no concern about the cancer causing benzene and chemical soup in the Beaches!

Digging a SINKHOLE.

Our Ward 32 councilor excitedly proclaimed, “THIS IS TERRIFIC!!! I’D LIKE TO RECORD A VOTE!!!”  After the ‘YES’ vote, she actually yelled, “I’d like to give a SHOUT-OUT to the Planning Staff and the City Staff for all they have done!!!”

All aboard the gravy train.

Merrily-Spending McMahon and a cabal of conspiring cohorts have literally, and criminally usurped the position of our elected government. Unlike Mayor Rob Ford, Mary-Margaret McMahon was elected on a domino set of lies.

In the bathhouse.

Who stole Mary-Margaret McMahon's bicycle? The bike, valued new at $500 gives renewed vigor to McMahon's $1.2 million dollar scheme to build an absolutely ludicrous den of iniquity. Stick it to the motorists!

Public Relations

Unelect Mary-Margaret Mcmahon Poster


Elect James Sears For Ward 32 Screensaver